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We empower educators with cutting-edge AI technology that saves time and transforms the way you teach: Leave the mundane tasks to us as we streamline your workflow, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – nurturing and inspiring your students for a brighter future.
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The mission

Our mission is to elevate education quality by freeing educators to unleash their creativity, foster meaningful human connections, and deliver personalized learning experiences; and to promote education equality by making best teaching practices accessible to educators everywhere. Powered by AI-driven insights and automation, we strive to realize a future with a more engaging, supportive, and rewarding educational journey for everyone.

Test Question Creation

We can help you create fun & thought-provoking test questions from knowledge points. Moreover, our AI can craft test questions with relevant news that help students explore the learning topic in the context of real-world events.

Lesson Plans Drafting

From weekly lessons to semester-long curriculums, our AI helps you build structured, goal-oriented learning plans that tailored to your students' needs and empower them to achieve their academic potential.

Note to Slides Generation

You can effortlessly transform your teaching notes into visually captivating and well-organized slides, as our AI automates the process for an enriched and engaging learning experience.

You Have Questions?

How to sign up for the service and start using it?

We are currently in the beta phase of the service. To get access to it, you just need to register on this website and wait for the invitation to the beta version of the Ninja Tutors.